Proper post-harvest processing and handling of the produce is an important part of modern agricultural production. Huge amounts of fresh produce go to waste because of improper handling, inappropriate use of packing material, poor storage conditions, poor transportation etc… Worldwide post-harvest fruit loss is as high as 30 to 40%.
As part of our systems driven services approach, we offer expert post-harvest support that includes grading, cooling, storing, packaging, transporting and marketing.

Marketing Services

With our optimum revenue sharing model, we bring in efficiency and transparency to your agricultural marketing for efficient price discovery to benefit you. Thus, resulting in a profitable farming business for you. dFarm’s Marketing Services will help you connect with the right logistic partners and buyers to help you achieve a better viable price for your produce.

Non-Table Produce Processing

Fruits like mangoes can be of two types: Table and non-table. While the table variety is consumed at home, the non-table variety is usually processed for pulp / juices and marketed in packaged formats. dFarm will help farmers get a viable price for the non-table variety too.

Secured Online Reports with Status

Farmers along the agriculture value chain need significant amounts of information to exchange knowledge, get targeted recommendations, market integration and access to finance to make agriculture a profitable enterprise. All this can happen if your documentation is secure, live and online. These services will help you in a simplified compliance-ready documentation that can be accessed anytime using our Secured Online Reports with Status.