To reduce post-harvest losses and extend the shelf life of fresh produce, cold chain transportation facilities such as reefer (refrigerated) trucks will be an important need to ensure high produce quality in India.

Thus, dFarm is working with reefer truck operators now, as part of our mission to ensure the produce reaches the end-consumers in a fresh condition.Though there are more than 30,000 reefers actively working across India, most of them are sourced and run by unorganized and small service providers. With dFarm: you can eliminate the middlemen, get the best deal for your service and keep track on your vehicle 24×7.

The dFarm edge to reefer operators:

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle
  • Accurate, timely data about each reefer’s location
  • Generate reports on vehicle usage, pickup & delivery routes
  • Notification of temperature violation alerts, through dFarm truck app
  • Ongoing temperature updates at regular intervals for dFarm administration
  • Identify & eliminate logistical inefficiencies
  • Efficient fleet maintenance
  • Provide customers with real time tracking of consignment

If you have a fleet of reefers, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with us today and be a part of our journey to make a positive difference to everyone involved in the produce supply chain. We will help you discover the pleasant side of managing the reefers from the comfort of your smartphone.