“My mother was on her death bed in 2011 and I was with her in India for 4.5 months to take care of her. This was 25 years after I had left my native place in India for higher education followed by a job and then business. Many relatives who visited my mother discussed various topics with me. I kept hearing about how the problems of the small farmer hadn’t changed at all, if anything things were getting worse. The farmer’s happiness was lesser year after year due to poor viability of farming, shortage of water resources, poor marketing infrastructure, minimum viable price support, no proper storage for produce shelf life extension, forecasting and guidance. Currently, corporate agriculture is pushing out the small farmer. Many small farmers have limited resources to meet Government regulations for GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) unlike corporate farming.”

– Venkatesh B. Vadlamudi, Founder April, 2014

“Today, the sector of the economy with the lowest IT intensity is farming, where IT accounts for just 1% of all capital spending. Here the potential impact of the IoT is enormous. Farming is capital- and technology-intensive, but it is not yet information-intensive.” There is a great deal of work being done on data-intensive indoor farming, hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic agriculture, but there is a dearth of digital infrastructure for supporting smaller, more traditional farms.

The main objective of the dFarm is to build an Agriculture Supply Chain Management system that incorporates Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) including: Farmer crop analysis and advising on produce, Harvesting process, Control Atmosphere Storage development (including Cleaning, Packing, Branding) Reefer truck logistics, City Distribution hub development and Marketing F2R (Farmer to Retail) as a service industry.”

– Michael M. Wilson, Sep, 2017

Tomato Processing: dFarm Inc., has associated with Vennar dFarm India Pvt. Ltd., in establishing 360 tons per day of Tomatoes by cleaning, sorting and packaging project with building a 4,000 tons of CAS facility, near Kolar, Karnataka, India – Feb 15, 2018

Mango Farm Management: dFarm has associated with “Mango Farm Management” in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. Potential to manage 8,000 acres that will produce 40,000 tons/year. April 11, 2018

Corn Production: dFarm, Inc has entered into an agreement to implement AIMS software with Gourmet Popcornica, Chennai, India to handle 10,000 tons corn produced per year from 1200 farmers.  Target to reach 30,000 tons per year by 2021 – Sep 09, 2018