Agriculture Information Management System (AIMS™)

AIMS™ (Agriculture Information Management System), is a cloud-based application designed for the Agriculture Value Chain Industry connecting through mobile and desktop applications. This SaaS application used for fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices etc where it helps to build efficient SCM processes and integrates the farmer with cold storages, pack-houses, processing centers, distribution centers, logistics and retailers to reduce food spoilage.

AIMS™ will allow us to monitor GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) with FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) or PACA (Perishable Agriculture Commodity Act) certified farms and/or process facilities so grocery chains can meet USDA compliance.

Auto payments

At dFarm®, we believe in simplifying bank transactions. We will have an auto payment system to streamline cashflow by letting you automate your recurring payments with us, saving time.

Market Data Reports

dFarm® recognizes the importance of data in growing and sustaining a business, especially market and consumer data.  We collect reliably sourced data from the consumer market and we analyze this information. With our findings, we will provide data reports that can help you make better, quicker business decisions.

Business Intelligence

AIMS™ uses business intelligence as a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed unique business decisions/solutions.


AIMS™ software security is the umbrella term used to protect dFarm’s software against any malicious attacks and other hacker risks, so that AIMS will continue to function correctly under such potential risks. This Security is necessary to provide our users integrity, authentication and availability.


AIMS™ – CRM (Customer relationship management) is our approach to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential Farmers, Vendors and Buyers.  dFarm uses data analysis about customers’ history with a company to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving business growth.


AIMS™ software is a complex network system of various components that function seamlessly together to work efficiently. Our Application Programming Interface (API) uses a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications and combining the program graphical user interface components together.

Issues solved by AIMS™

Why Blockchain

dFarm® uses blockchain to record the journey taken by produce through the supply chain by utilizing the power of a shared secure ledger.

Blockchain Assurance

Ensures that farmers receive fair payment for their produce and enables retailers to verify that they are getting paid quickly and properly.

Real-time Ledger

Minimizes fraud, maximizes transparency and ensures that each link in the supply chain is quickly satisfied. The connection between commodity buyers and farmers can now be monitored more closely with distribution channels being streamlined even further.

Smart contracts

Agriculturists often have extensive contractual obligations to a multitude of stakeholders. Blockchain helps in hedging contracts and pre-sales of harvests.

Tracking & tracing

Every step of the transaction process is recorded using Hyperledger Blockchain technologies.  Once the retailers are paid, the money will be instantly distributed to all parties involved from farmer to retailer efficiently and transfer payments can be monitored via dFarm®’s mobile app.

Fair Pricing

All pricing is set by dFarm®’s business model, which establishes the MVP rate. Even suppliers in rural areas are able to determine what their produce is currently worth and at a price that reflects global market conditions.

Data monitoring

Using Blockchain data monitoring allows farmers to capture data in real-time that will help them plan estimation of produce production more efficiently and maximize the success rate of their harvests.

Minimize human error

Blockchain can take human tasks and automate them in order to minimize errors. Also, AIMS™ Blockchain can present information to farmers regarding tainted products throughout their supply chain i.e type of crops and from the farm they were grown.

Financial settlements

All electronic payments are settled to all the parties involved, including the farmer.

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