Farm management

India was the richest agriculture country. India brought agriculture to the world. Their agriculture, accounted for about one-third of the world’s GDP until the industrial revolution. Due to increasing population in the country, the government of India introduced the “Land Sealing Act” in the 1970’s. This Act gave opportunity for many farm workers to become small landlords. However, these small farms were not able sell their produce for better prices and the large farms were not able to extend their produce to other selling services. Also, in many areas, large farmers switched to orchard farming from regular cultivation. This gave opportunities for the middlemen / agents to dictate the product price and hold control over the farmers.

Since the middlemen did not add any value to the farmer’s produce in packaging, cold storage, transportation or research support, farming became an unviable business for many many farmers. Most of the products were sold only at local markets within a 200-km radius, resulting in a very low price for the farmer’s produce. Furthermore, this middlemen process of doing business with the farmers made it difficult to make a living for farmers and only very lucrative to the agents. As a result, the next farming generation looked at new or other opportunities and quit farming. They moved to urban areas for higher paying jobs and better child education. Thus, many of these farm lands have become “Absentee Farms” – non-producing. Many generations of people who lived at these non-working agriculture lands became absentee land owners, resulting in India’s alarming shrinking agriculture.

Digitising Land Layouts

dFarm®’s digitization service includes records such as: Register of Lands, Records of Rights (RoRs), Tenancy and Crop Inspection Register, Mutation Register, Disputed Cases Register etc.

dFarm®’s digitisation service can also include geological information regarding the shape, size, soil-type of the land and economic information related to irrigation and crops. By using our services, farmers can view the farm layouts and access the pictures of the farms anytime and anywhere.

Digitising Plantation Demographics

dFarm®’s lets farmers keep track of large areas of plantation land by using the Digitizing Plantation Demographics (DPD) such as the produce variety, number of plants, age, condition etc. on a real-time basis.

By assigning a unique code to each plant, DPD enables the farmer to know the condition of a plant, time to harvest, expected produce, quality & quantity of produce, expected price etc. at any point of time. Farmers can access all this information just by using our mobile app on their smartphones.

On-Demand Plantation Services

With dFarm®, you don’t need to own a whole host of expensive, maintenance-heavy machinery to do things like sowing, ploughing or harvesting. We can provide state-of-the-art On-Demand Plantation Services using sophisticated equipment for a hassle-free experience. Our professionals at dFarm® will design and execute the services you request, while keeping in mind external factors such as climate and terrain.

Pricing Verification

With crop prices fluctuating wildly based on demand, weather, and global production levels, Blockchain can provide an easy solution between farmers and buyers seeking to negotiate a fair price on their product.

By providing both parties with access to information on similar transactions, even suppliers in rural areas are able to determine what the farmer’s harvest is currently worth and sell it at a fair, verified price.

Security Support

Even farms are susceptible to the dangers of theft, and when you have no evidence, even the police will have a hard time catching the culprit. dFarm®’s security services are the most effective solution to protect your precious crops from being stolen.Farm owners can monitor how secure their farms are and in the event of any breach, the appropriate security recommendations can be accessed through the mobile app on your mobile phone.

Day-to-day Farm Management Services

Our Day-to-Day Farm Management Services give you freedom from the regular responsibilities without losing control of your farmland. At dFarm®, we can help you create a stable, profitable return while preserving the farm for the future.

Whether it is expert advice, intervention from professional specialists or hiring local workforce, we can help you in all activities and procedures needed for managing your farm 24×7.

Farm Supervising Services by Qualified Personnel

Good farm supervision is a must to oversee employee productivity and farm profitability. The job involves tasks such as managing the workforce, marketing products, keeping records and overseeing the farming process from tilling to post-harvesting.

Our Farm Supervising Services include providing direction to the ground forces by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities and directing the work of subordinates.Our supervisors work under the general administrative guidelines specified by you, while exercising considerable independent judgment whenever needed.

Farm Labour Contracting Services

Our Farm Labor Contracting Services includes: Payroll, clerical, sorting, packing and administrative. They are one of the finest in the farming industry, by adhering to the laws in each respective state.

Manuring, Fertilising and Pesticiding Services

We at dFarm® provide crop care services as prescribed by our agriculture inspector. Our offerings include:

1. Weed control

2. Insect control

3. Disease control

4. Fertilizing the farm with organic waste / animal manure

5. Seasonal Services

Scientific Harvesting Services

Small farms across the world follow conventional farming practices since they lack access to useful information, including a scientific understanding of pest lifecycles and the latest micro-fertilizers. By using dFarm’s Scientific Harvesting Services, small farmers can achieve maximum yield by implementing technology and farming methods we ourselves procure for you.