When it comes to the agro and food industries, a healthy crop and bountiful harvest are still only half the problems solved. In India, over 40% of the fruits and vegetables harvested are lost to pests and rot. The only solution to this is increasing produce shelf life.

dFarm® is currently finding and building Control Atmosphere Storages (CAS) for fruits at strategic procurement locations. This will support and help facilitate transporting of the produce to the CAS facility within two hours of harvest.

All CAS facilities will be equipped with cleaning, sorting & packaging capabilities.  We will always use reefer trucks for transportation from the farm to the CAS and from the CAS to the grocery stores.

dFarm®’s state-of-the-art, artificial Intelligence software will synchronise the end-to-end supply chain from the planning to the final execution.  Farm Management, Inventory, Warehouse and Logistics software with online tracking, will increase the efficiency of the distribution system across the country.

Currently, the quality of most of the produce has deteriorated considerably by the time it reaches the consumer. Perishable produce is mainly responsible for high marketing costs, market gluts, price fluctuations and other similar supply chain problems.  Most farmers are also not aware of the storage technologies that are out there for their produce. Very few farmers are actually using cold storages for their fruits and vegetables, but not efficiently or properly either, which only extends the shelf life for a day or two. Building Control Atmosphere Storages (CAS), will definitely increase the produce’s shelf life and selling season for fresh produce with little waste.

Types of storages facilities and which produce should be stored in them:

  1. Cold Storages (CS): Rice, Wheat, Pulses etc.
  2. Control Atmosphere Storages (CAS): Fruits and Vegetables