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dFarm is in existence to promote and help the farmer improve his crop. During this time, dFarm will always have the state of the art and newest methods available to the farmers. To maintain this cutting edge, we will be using only the best suited partners to insure our degree of excellence in helping the farmer achieve his goals. The knowledge will come from and be in association with many experienced advisors from universities and many corporate seed suppliers, modern high yield growing technologies etc.. from anywhere in the world.

These partners or associates who can provide the best services in farming need to register with dFarm online.


will randomly inspect or be called to investigate a problem with a farm to advise the farmer on their current crop


dFarm will be committed to our buyers, through checking on every potential crop by analyzing a sample of that crop before harvest. This way we will only accept a farmer’s crop that will meet our standards of quality at harvest.


at dFarm once we accept a crop from harvest, we will provide the proper processing and packaging that will maintain its quality to the consumer. dFarm has already identified the proper packaging suppliers to use.


dFarm will be partnering with FMC on a per district/territory service to our farmers, to will help them with all the necessary knowledge, technology through management and supervisory role not limited to seeding, planting, maintenance and harvest.