What We Do

AIMS is the Smart Ag SCM solution that utilizes Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data technologies to increase Ag supply chain visibility, transparency, efficiency and profitability.

AIMS puts you in control of your supply chain. AIMS streamlines processes and helps arrange sourcing, transportation, storage, processing, and sale. AIMS tracks commodity availability from the start and can arrange buyers even before harvest. And since AIMS knows exactly what produce is moving through your network according to what schedules, your inventory capacity can be fully utilized.

With the comprehensive, real-time data that AIMS provides, you can optimize your supply chain to improve operating margins and profitability, enhance consumer loyalty and satisfaction with fresher, higher-quality produce, limit recall expense and risk, and realize improved forecasting and planning.

Business Intelligence

With unprecedented visibility into your entire supply chain, you monitor compliances at each step of the commodity’s journey, perform tracking and tracing with surgical precision, and instantly know when there are issues that you need to address.

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Master Dashboard

Use the AIMS Master Dashboard for unrestricted access to all data for your entire Supply Chain.

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Actionable Alerts

View dynamically in real-time updates on product journey, current and projected inventory status, quality issues, and much more. Utilize prioritized alerts to focus on the most important issues so you can take prompt corrective action.

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Compliance Monitoring

Track GAP, FSMA, PACA and other certifications with guaranteed compliance through the value chain from farmer to retailer.

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Track & Trace

Utilize AIMS’ Farm-to-Retail record of every step in the supply chain so you can instantly see the exact product source and path to market, making removal of all tainted product quick and easy.

Sourcing Management

AIMS gives you all the data you need to accurately forecast and cost-effectively source, and the tools to share knowledge and maintain close relationships with your key suppliers.

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Crop Data

See crop data from all of your registered produce sources, including produce type, variety, quantity, compliances, planting date and anticipated harvest date and much, much more.

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Farmer Relationships

Use the purpose-built farmer and field officer applications to share information and stay in touch, helping to strengthen relationship bonds and loyalty.

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Supply Forecasting

Utilizing anticipated harvest data, accurately forecast expected supply from all farm sources.

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Predictive Ordering

Apply AIMS’ Artificial Intelligence capabilities to past supply and demand data to determine optimal ordering volumes and timing.

Inventory Management

AIMS streamlines Inventory Management with automated commodity sourcing, tracking, and storage. AIMS even helps optimize space allocation to help you maximize capacity utilization and productivity.

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Inventory Forecasting

Track inventory in real-time, forecast inventory arrivals based on anticipated harvest dates.

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Warehouse Optimization

Calculate inventory utilization, optimize warehouse storage, track warehousing costs across all vendors.

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Sales Order Processing

Automatically create sales orders, print acknowledgements, release to warehousing, generate invoices.

Market Management

AIMS helps you understand local, regional, and global market dynamics, and sell your commodities for the highest price.

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Live Market Data

Visualize global market data and dynamics in clear intuitive screens and reports.

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Wholesale Trading Platform

Trade on global platforms to find the best buyer and price.

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Outsourced Sales & Marketing

Outsource sales and have dFarm sell your Ag commodities for you.

Financial Management

AIMS gives you the data to perform real-time cost calculations for commodities and all extended services, and to settle accounts rapidly.

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Services Costing Data

View cost data relating to all registered services, including transportation, collection center, cold storage and more.

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Connect with Working Capital

Give banking partners crop asset visibility and the ability to process all supply chain transactions and financial settlements.

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Auto Cost Calculation

Perform real-time cost calculations of commodities and all extended services, and use this insight to make smart sourcing and partnering decisions.

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Financial Settlement

Automatically, instantly, accurately and securely settle financial accounts with your farmers and all intermediate value-added services.

Data Management

AIMS gives you the actionable data and business flexibility you need while providing tight, centralized control of your supply chain data.

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Role-based Apps

Your logistics network partners run AIMS applications specifically designed to streamline their operations and provide you with oversight.

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Reports & Analytics

View pre-defined reports and analytics to interpret data, provide insights and drive smart decisions.

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Seamlessly integrate AIMS with your existing ERP and trading software.

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Data Security

AIMS saves and fully replicates your data in the Cloud to ensure continuity of access no matter what.

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Data Privacy

With AIMS, only you can see your supply chain partners, relationships and data.