AIMS is an Ag SCM solution that utilizes enabling technologies to make the supply chain more visible, transparent and efficient.

dFarm helps Wholesalers and Retailers optimize their produce supply chain to improve operating margins and profitability,enhance consumer loyalty and satisfaction with fresher, higher-quality produce, limit recall expense and risk, and realize improved forecasting and planning with more predictable data.

Enhanced Visibility into All Points in the Ag Value Chain

Between the Farmer and the Wholesaler and Retailer, there are several intermediary value-added services: Cold Storage, Packhouse, Processing Center, Transportation, and Distribution. At any moment, produce may be at all these points.

AIMS provides Wholesalers and Retailers with total visibility into each of these points in the produce supply chain, enabling them to know exactly what produce is where, the exact source of all produce, and whether that produce meets compliances.

  • Farmer mobile application
  • Field officer application
  • Produce Planning and Forecasting
  • Realtime Cost calculation of produce and all extended services
  • See what produce, in what quality and quantity, is available from which farmers
  • View all farmers’ available inventory instantly online
  • Select GAP, FSMA or any other compliance certified produce
  • Monitor pricing from Farm to Retailer (F2R)
  • Transparently track and trace all produce

Accurate and Instantaneous Financial Settlement

Once the Retail pays for the product, all accounts in the Ag Supply Chain must be settled. This process can be time-consuming and error prone. Advanced Blockchain technology is integral to AIMS, and enables instantaneous and accurate financial settlement with Farmers and all intermediate value-added services in the Ag Supply Chain. With Blockchain, the costs of produce and services are calculated on a real-time basis with secured auto payment settlement that automatically deliver payment with zero delay.

  • Hassle-free smart contracts through Blockchain
  • Auto payments to streamline cashflow and save time
  • Secure, quicker and easy settlement payments
  • Instant cost calculation for all value-added services
  • More efficient, trusted, and instant payment system across SCM vendors

Actionable Intelligence for Supply Chain Optimization

AIMS tracks data about all produce and participants in the value-added supply chain, giving Wholesalers and Retailers unprecedented access to actionable data that they can use to make informed decisions about product and sourcing, and optimize their Ag Supply Chain.

  • Provides market data for new infrastructure development like Cold Storages, Packhouses and Processing Centers
  • Eliminates non-productive and non-value-added middlemen
  • Connects farmers to new local, state and global markets
  • Enables strong partnerships with SCM players
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AIMS automates and speeds the flow of produce through the supply chain, getting produce to the shelf sooner, reducing spoilage and increasing profit.

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AIMS helps identify and remove non-value-added participants from the supply chain, speeding the flow of produce to the shelf and retaining more profit for the value-adding services.

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Market Access

AIMS increases the visibility of available value-added services, connecting farmers to new regional, state and global outside markets, and improving market access for farmers while delivering higher profitability

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AIMS can instantly determine the exact farm source and value chain path of tainted produce, enabling recalls to be precisely targeted, improving recall speed and dramatically reducing costs.

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AIMS tracks produce GAP, FSMA, PACA and any other certifications as required and guarantees compliance through the value chain from farmer to retailer, delivering to retailers higher quality produce that can command premium prices and improve consumer satisfaction.

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AIMS provides a safer and more secure tracking mechanism for product as it moves from Farm to Retail, minimizing errors that can create inefficiencies and increase costs.

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Business Intelligence

AIMS provides Wholesalers and Retailers extensive data about the produce supply chain, enabling them to better optimize the supply chain, drive more efficiencies and enhance profit.