Smart Ag SCM

Today’s farming supply chain is a complicated ecosystem of production, sorting, storage, and distribution

IT integration in Agriculture Supply Chain Management is currently less than 1%, far behind most other industries.

Ag SCM Challenges

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Sourcing Visibility

A lack of precise knowledge of current and imminent commodity availability timing, quantities and qualities makes sourcing and inventory management difficult and inefficient.

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Quality Sourcing

Poor or unknown quality constrains pricing and access to profitable markets.

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An inefficient supply chain can slow the journey of commodities to market, increasing spoilage and reducing profitability.

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Without a clear understanding of commodities’ path from farm to market, recalls can be time-consuming and expensive.

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Financial Settlements

Handling financial payments manually causes delays and introduces opportunities for human error.

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Non-Productive Participants

Having non-productive or under-performing participants in the supply chain can siphon off profit and slow commodity journey to market.

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Cost Control

Keeping operating and purchasing costs down is essential to maintaining a healthy bottom line.

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Real-time commodity sourcing data – what is available, arriving and when - is critical to accurate forecasting and management of inventory.

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Difficulty accessing markets and finding qualified buyers can increase storage costs and wastage.

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Inventory Management

Easy and efficient scheduling and tracking of inventory arrival, storage and departure can maximize capacity utilization and volume.