For the buyer

Cost efficient Product procurement Tool by tracking compliances

The Principle

AIMS™ technology was built for tracking the produce from farm to retailer (F2R) with instant cost calculation for all partner services in SCM by monitoring quality compliances and operates on SaaS Business Model. By coupling all services. How We do it-dFarm’s patented, will increase the efficiency and reduce wastages to avoid price inflation.

Technologies for Your Supply Chain

The AIMS advanced proprietary architecture embraces and exploits trans-formative technologies:


Software as a service (SaaS) Utilizing a cloud-based delivery model allows AIMS to be rapidly deployed with lower up-front costs, while delivering predictable ongoing costs and unlimited scalability. Read more…

AIMS™ by dFarm®

AIMS™ is designed for the Agriculture Industry by connecting through our mobile and desktop applications where it builds an efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes and integrates the farmers with retailers will help reduce food spoilage. Read more…

Blockchain technology

dFarm® Blockchain technology enables the AIMS implementation of a real-time, distributed ledger, smart contracts, tracking & tracing, Fair Pricing, data monitoring and fast financial settlement while minimizing human error. Read more…


dFarm® partners with Farmers, Cold storages, pack-houses, processing centers, wholesalers, and retailers in SCM. Knowledge base from the world’s best advisors at universities and large volume seed suppliers will ensure the best agricultural technology and yield. Read more… 

Core values

  • Improve market access to farmer produce for higher profitability
  • Educate and find SCM solutions to the issues faced by farmers
  • Make farming a more viable business
  • Promote the welfare of the community with better, healthier eating habits
  • Foster and nurture a strong community of registered small farmers
  • Enable strong partnerships with SCM players
  • Reduce Food Spoilage
  • Faster and efficient recall of produce
  • Guaranteed Certification with GAP, FSMA and PACA of the produce purchased
  • Generate IT – cooperative and federation farming models


  • Providing a transparent tracking mechanism on the produce
  • More efficient, trusted and instant payment system across the SCM vendors
  • New and continually updated CRM and Market data
  • Better Security and Business Intelligence to meet farmers’ and SCM needs
  • Eliminates the non-productive and the non-value-added middleman
  • Reduce operating and procurement costs through an efficient SCM
  • Connects farmers to new regional, state and global outside markets
  • Provide market data for new infrastructure development like Cold storages, Packhouses and processing centers etc.
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