Why You Need AIMS


Reduce Manpower Needs

More precisely, efficiently and cost-effectively perform tracking & tracing, recalls, cost calculations, and financial settlements


Lower Purchasing Costs

Reduce spoilage and wastage, shorten collection time & fewer errors, exploit optimal purchase timing, improve access to markets


Increase Produce Revenue

Offer fresher, higher quality produce, reduce working capital costs, increase business opportunity, enhance consumer satisfaction


What You Can Do With AIMS

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Precision Visibility

Know exactly your supply chain produce, sources and intermediaries, drive supply chain efficiencies, tighten time-to-market, accurately forecast pricing & availability, identify new partners, markets and opportunities

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Accurate and Instantaneous Financial Settlement

Error-free, rapid cost calculation and instantaneous auto-payment settlement to all farmers and intermediate value-added services participants

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Actionable Intelligence

Track data about all produce and participants, giving you unprecedented access to actionable data to make informed decisions about product and sourcing, enabling Ag Supply Chain optimization.

Core Technologies



Blockchain technology enables the AIMS implementation of a real-time, distributed ledger, smart contracts, tracking & tracing, Fair Pricing, data monitoring and fast financial settlement while minimizing human error.

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