The AIMS advanced proprietary architecture embraces and exploits transformative technologies


Blockchain technology enables the AIMS implementation of a real-time, distributed ledger, smart contracts, tracking & tracing, Fair Pricing, data monitoring and fast financial settlement while minimizing human error.

AIMS’ Blockchain technology implementation delivers tangible benefits to the Ag Supply Chain:

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Real-time, Distributed Ledger

AIMS minimizes fraud, maximizes transparency and enables each link in the supply chain to receive rapid financial settlement. The connection between commodity buyers and farmers can now be monitored more closely with distribution channels streamlined even further.

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Smart Contracts

Agriculturalists often have extensive contractual obligations to a multitude of stakeholders. Blockchain helps in hedging contracts and pre-sales of harvests.

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Tracking & Tracing

Every step of the transaction process is recorded using Blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology can collect data from various sources and create a single view of the transaction. This plays an important role in the ability to track the food product back to its origin, thus driving more efficiency when a food safety issue arises.

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Fair Pricing

All pricing is set in accordance with the AIMS business model that establishes the Minimum Viable Price (MVP) rate. Suppliers in rural areas can determine what their produce is currently worth and at a price that reflects global market conditions.

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Data Monitoring

Using Blockchain data monitoring allows farmers to capture data in real-time that will help them plan estimation of produce production more efficiently and maximize the success rate of their harvests.

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Minimize Human Error

Blockchain can take human tasks and automate them in order to minimize errors. Also, the AIMS Blockchain implementation can present information to Wholesalers and Retailers regarding tainted products throughout their supply chain, such as types of crops involved, and the farm on which they were grown.

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Financial Settlements

Blockchain technology enables instantaneous and accurate financial settlement with Farmers and all intermediate value-added services in the Ag Supply Chain. With Blockchain, the costs of produce and services are calculated on a real-time basis with secured auto payment settlement that automatically deliver payment with zero delay. Once the retailer pays for the product, the money will be instantly and efficiently distributed to all parties involved from farmer to retailer.

Other Technologies

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Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Driving AIMS’ end-to-end visibility into value chain participants and produce, enabling more accurate forecasting, more holistic planning, and strategic agility

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AIMS to connect each of the value-chain participants in an interconnected web that allows the automatic, instantaneous and transparent transfer of data without human interaction

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Utilizing a cloud-based delivery model allows AIMS to be rapidly deployed with lower up-front costs, while delivering predictable ongoing costs and unlimited scalability