Core values

  • Improve profitability for all farmers
  • Improve market access to produce
  • Educate and find solutions to the issues faced by farmers
  • Make farming a more viable business
  • Support farm and state agricultural agencies
  • Promote the welfare of the community with better, healthier eating habits
  • Foster and nurture a strong community of registered small farmers

The Goal

To build an Agriculture Supply Chain Management system that incorporates Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) including:

  • Farmer crop analysis and advisement
  • Harvesting methodologies
  • Efficiently utilize Cold Storages and develop Control Atmosphere Storages
  • Development of Cleaning, Packaging, Processing and Recycling
  • Promote and always use Reefer truck logistics
  • Develop multiple produce City Distribution hub for efficient operation
  • Branding, Marketing and Sales

Today, the sector of the economy with the lowest IT intensity is farming, where IT accounts for just 1 percent of all capital spending.

-IBM, 2014

The Mission

To become a partner of choice for the farming community seeking better solutions, and enable them to focus on more important things: their crops.

The Vision

To set the Minimum Viable Price (MVP) to farmers by using innovative farm management techniques that reduce spoilage, facilitate improved access to markets, create a better profit margin and a more balanced competition thereby enabling small farmers to compete with the larger corporate farms.

The Leadership

Born in an agricultural family in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh a seasoned entrepreneur in Information Technology (IT), biotechnology and real estate, Venkatesh Babu Vadlamudi brings in vast experience of serving many corporations and institutions in India and USA.

A staunch supporter of Minimum Viable Price (MVP) for farmers’ wellbeing, Mr. Vadlamudi has developed a business model for farmers across the world to sell their produce for MVP without hassles. He firmly believes that such a model would help the consumers as well by providing access to better quality produce at an affordable price. Currently, he is focusing on bringing dFarm’s state-of-the-art technology to market. DFarm uses artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain to support innovative logistics to offer high quality produce from farm to consumer through retail stores.

Venkatesh Babu Vadlamudi

Venkatesh Babu Vadlamudi

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Director - Global Business Development

Michael Wilson comes from a family with long farming background and experience in Missouri. 

He has over 30 years hands on management and business development experience at various levels in handling Biotech\Pharmaceutical, Heath Care IT services and Banking.  This extensive experience also includes over 25 years of Sales and Marketing with over 7 years in commercial banking where these skills will provide the perfect skill set needed at dFarm. 

This invaluable experience that Michael possesses is also a unique complement to building and developing others around him at dFarm in strategic business leadership, finance, marketing and fiscal management.  Combining his exceptional skills with his true passion in launching new businesses and bringing in new innovations, will help provide dFarm with rapid market expansion and revenue growth.

Michael received his MBA from University of Michigan in 1990 and his BA in Business Administration at Michigan State University in 1985.