The Mission

To become a partner of choice in produce SCM from farm to retailer seeking better solutions and reduce produce wastages globally.

The Vision

To ensure safe, sustainable, and cost-effective value-added services by connecting farmers to facilitate improved access to global supply chain ecosystem.

The Leadership

Venkatesh Babu Vadlamudi

Venkatesh Babu Vadlamudi

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur in Information Technology, Biotechnology & Manufacturing. He has revolutionized R & D in Solid Waste Management sector, serving many corporations and municipalities in India. He developed Software applications for Healthcare sector and served many hospitals in USA.

Mr. Vadlamudi worked on his idea to bring Farming into service industry by creating IT integrated cooperative model will help to streamline the Ag SCM which has very low IT intensity. Today’s technologies have the capabilities in providing solutions in a heuristic way by acceleration, innovation and invention in saving around $1.0 Trillion produce wastage’s and stop hunger globally.

Vadlamudi was born in an agriculture family in India graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and MBA.

Brinton Baker

Brinton Baker

Director / VP - Marketing

Brinton is a marketer and management consultant with over 20 years of experience in technology marketing, product strategy and business transformation.

Brinton has led marketing teams at preeminent technology companies like Oracle and Apple as well as at smaller companies and start-ups, where he consistently built high-performance teams, identified sustainable opportunity, clarified messaging, and grew revenue. Brinton is expert at crafting messaging, content and sales tools that translate complex technology concepts into business benefits for prospective customers, and has led over 10 successful global introductions (concept to definition to launch) of sophisticated technology products.

The technical focus of Brinton’s career has been mastering the manipulation of data (e.g. storage, management, communication, positioning, monitoring and analysis) to discern actionable insights that inform about data security and performance. Brinton’s domain expertise includes database management, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud services, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Brinton received a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from Tufts University, and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Director - Business Development (USA)

Michael Wilson comes from a family with long farming background and experience in Missouri. He has over 30 years hands on management and business development experience at various levels in handling BiotechPharmaceutical, Heath Care IT services and Banking. This extensive experience also includes over 25 years of Sales and Marketing with over 7 years in commercial banking where these skills will provide the perfect skill set needed at dFarm.

This invaluable experience that Michael possesses is also a unique complement to building and developing others around him at dFarm in strategic business leadership, finance, marketing and fiscal management. Combining his exceptional skills with his true passion in launching new businesses and bringing in new innovations, will help provide dFarm with rapid market expansion and revenue growth.

Michael received his BA in Business Administration at Michigan State University and his MBA from University of Michigan.

Vijay Bhaskar Noti

Vijay Bhaskar Noti

Director- Business Development (India)

Vijay Noti, hails from a farming family, has over 14 years hands on experience in Agri-commodities, market research, Warehousing, Supply chain, Collateral management, rural banking and financial services, private and government advisory in food processing, project implementation in various agribusinesses. Has complete understanding of the Agri value chain across Fruits, vegetables, spices and field crops.

Anchored various Mega Food Parks as a Project Management Consultant (PMC). Assisted and appraised project reports funded by Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), Government of India. Assisted in Agri value chains analysis, market linkages, capacity building in Agriculture, Horticulture, Food processing and allied high growth sectors. Liaison with state and central government ministries/departments in Agriculture, Horticulture, Marketing, APEDA, Spices Board for various Agri value chain projects.

Vijay led various projects at KPMG, IL&FS Clusters and teams at DCB Bank, DuPont and NBHC. He received graduation in Agriculture and Masters in Agribusiness Management, operating from Toronto, Canada.

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